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With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

Try this trick and spin it, yeah

the icecream assassin
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Ramen, Roses, My Cat and Dog, What's Mine, Chai Tea, Coca Cola, Bread, Pretty Things, Music, Sleeping, Day Dreams

Onions, Boys, Not Getting My Way, Wasting, The Government, Cranberries, Poetry

Acquisitive, Awkward, Creative, Curious, Domineering, Determined, Earthy, Headstrong, Inflexible, Jealous, Kind, Lazy, Loyal, Logical, Materialistic, Patient, Persistent, Possessive, Practical, Procrastinating, Resentful, Reliable, Steadfast, Stubborn, Security-loving, Self-indulgent, Shy, Sensible, Warm-hearted,

Celtic Astrology
Poplar (Willow) - May 1-May 12: Those born between these two dates fall under the influence of the Poplar, whose motto is "Overcome Doubt" or "The Uncertainty." Poplar individuals have a decorative appearance but tend lack self-confidence. They are prone to mature very quickly and assimilate things equally as quickly. Displaying courage only when absolutely necessary and hostile only toward extremists, the narrow-minded or hotheads, Poplar people prefer the goodwill of others and pleasant surroundings. This individual can be somewhat choosy, is often lonely and may harbor great animosity toward others. Artistic by nature, they are good organizers who lean toward philosophy. Reliable in almost any given situation, Poplar people cherish their friends and surround them with love. They take partnerships very seriously but are inclined to be generous only toward those who are generous in return. The life of a Poplar individual is made of judicious transactions and all manner of exchanges. If the Poplar perceives a warm and friendly atmosphere, then the heart and spirit opens...if not, then he or she will withdraw.

I got this user name from the live version of ‘Hide and Seek’ by Ani Difranco, and realized to late that that was stupid.

I lurk, so if I’ve friended you, I’ve probably lurked for a while. I read just about everything on my friends list, so just because I don’t comment don’t mean I’m not listening.

I'm also pregnant and due it late August.

My mood theme was created by euterpeslullaby and the art was done by kurthalsey.com/

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